February 10th, 2016

HealthQX First To Achieve Certification With HCI3’s Latest Version


HealthQX integrates PROMETHEUS Analytics© Version 5.3, achieving ICD-10 compliance and increasing episode of care definitions for value based payment programs  

  • HealthQX is the first to market with HCI3’s latest PROMETHEUS Analytics© Version 5.3
  • Latest certification demonstrates HealthQX’s commitment in supporting health organizations transition to compliant, value based programs (e.g. bundled payments, accountable care organizations and other at risk-arrangements)
  • 90 episode of care definitions cover approximately two thirds of total costs of care

King Of Prussia, PA – February 10, 2016 – HealthQX, a leader in value-based payment (VBP) analytic software solutions, and the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc. (HCI3), announced today the successful completion of the new HCI3 PROMETHEUS Analytics© Certification for HealthQX’s analytics platform, ClarityQx. This certification makes HealthQX the first HCI3 partner to achieve ICD-10 compliance and expand their episode of care library to 90 episodes. HealthQX integrates the HCI3 PROMETHEUS Analytics© into their ClarityQx platform to support health organizations in their transition to value based care through programs such as bundled payments, accountable care organizations and other at-risk arrangements. Payment arrangements like these have gained national attention through recent CMS announcements such as the Comprehensive Care For Joint Replacement (CJR) Model.

The HCI3 certification process involves testing over 90 episodes of care making it one of the most comprehensive episode of care definition libraries available. The 90 episodes of care are ICD-10 compliant, which is critical for health plans and health systems who need to create and scale compliant, value based programs. This certification also validates ClarityQx’s capabilities for episode construction, provider attribution and severity adjustment.

“The latest PROMETHEUS release harnesses over a decade of payment reform experience with a focus on increasing quality and affordability of healthcare,” said Francois de Brantes, HCI3’s Executive Director. “HealthQX continues to demonstrate their reliability as a partner by again being the first to fully certify their solution to the rigorous standards of our new release. It’s a pleasure to announce their achievement at this year’s National Payment Innovation Summit (#PaymentSummit2016, @hfmaorg).”

“We’re seeing increasing levels of interest by health plans and health systems for episode of care analytic solutions,” said Mark McAdoo CEO of HealthQX. “Our collaborative partnership with HCI3, allows us to stay ahead of the market and deliver innovative solutions that advance value based care programs by making them more flexible, increasing their depth through more episodes and making it easier to establish incentives that increase quality and lower costs . I can’t thank the HealthQX team enough for all their hard work, it has once again allowed us to be first in achieving this prestigious certification.”

About Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute™, Inc.

The Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc. (HCI3) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create significant improvements in the quality and affordability of health care through evidence-based incentive programs and support of payment reform models. It is the umbrella organization for the Bridges to Excellence® program and PROMETHEUS Payment® model, as well the creator of episode of care, or Evidence-informed Case Rates (ECRs), definitions and the PROMETHEUS Analytics®. Through these components, HCI3 offers a comprehensive package of solutions to employers, health plans and coalitions to improve the flawed incentives that currently permeate the U.S. health care system.

About HealthQX™

HealthQX is the progressive leader in value-based payment (VBP) analytic software solutions for health plans and providers. Our VBP analytics platform, ClarityQx, provides the capabilities to design, implement and monitor the on-going performance of payment models such as bundled payments and other at-risk arrangements. Through these capabilities ClarityQx delivers actionable intelligence to operationalize value-based payment models that reward higher quality care at a lower cost.

Connect with us at http://healthqx.com, on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/2639471 and on Twitter @HealthQX.

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